CCEC Parts Distribution Center

The Extended Warranty for Major  Components

The extended warranty includes the warrantable failures  for engine cylinder block , camshaft,crankshaft,con.rod (warrantable parts) The warranty period calculated from the date when the  new parts delivered to the first customer to 3 years or  300,00 miles(482 , 805km) or 10,800 hours termination  The first expiration date shall be prevail
For the detailed warranty policy of the parts , please  refer to CCEC Parts Warranty Regulations

CCEC Genuine Parts-Characteristics&Advantages


◎Adopting Cummins updated product design,optimized materials selection,advanced manufacturing process and production technology.All are in the line with the Cummins global standards

◎By long time testing,the parts has been proved to be excellent with longer duration.higher quality,more reliable performance and lower maintenance cost

◎The parts are manufactured by CCEC or excellent suppliers of CCEC.

◎Relying on our certified ISO14001 and TS16949 to ensure the employee safety and products quality.Relying on Cummins COS to create our enterprise culture

◎A sound aftermarket service warranty system and the shared Cummins global resources to make you have no worry to buy and use our genuine parts

◎Enjoying the international quality and the exceeding value with the local price